行事曆 同樂會活動

【BDSM 同樂會 人形寵日/Kinki Festival Pet Day】





活動時間:13:30~17:30 【進場時間】13:30-14:30 逾時不候
活動費用:場地費 500/人
【優惠方式】300/人 身穿動物耳朵、項圈、尾巴、頭套、貓掌狗爪,(有一項即可),或攜帶一隻人形寵 (寵物不可重複使用)


◎符合尊重、安全、 知情、同意 之原則,能獨立自律行為。





Kinki Festival friendly reminders: The theme of each event is only a guidance for our event, we welcome every BDSM lovers to join our party! Please don’t be restricted by the theme, as long as you are self independent, respectful, and consented to following rules, you can play any play you want!

Have you ever imagine becoming a pet who only need to follow the orders of your master? Or do you want to own a pet who centered its world around you?

If you want to find out the world of pets, you will regret not attending this event!

→→→→●Activity Information●←←←←

Date: 2018/01/27 (Sat.)
Time: 13:30~17:30
(please arrive btw 13:30~14:30)
Fees: 500 NTD/ person
【Discount】300 NTD/person
Wear (one or more): animal collar, animal ears, animal costumes, tails, headgears;
or bring a pet (unable to repeat the same pet)
Location: Ln. 194, Sec. 3, Nanjing E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104
(1 min. walk from Nanjing Fuxing MRT station exit 3)


◎only for people over 18【please bring your ID with you (any ID that shows your birthdate)】
◎who are self independent, respectful, consented to join the party and follow rules.
◎Please read carefully and consent to the list of【precautions】before entering the venue.

→→→→●Activity details●←←←←

◎BDSM experience and observations
◎meet other BDSM lovers, share experiences or types of props, practice SM
◎It is a BDSM-friendly space, but no props will be provided by the organiser, please bring your own if you prefer.


【To be able to provide a comfortable space for everyone, please observe the following rules!】
※ It is a BDSM-friendly space, but no props will be provided by the organiser, please bring your own if you prefer.
◎In order to maintain a stress-free environment, DO NOT take photos or videos throughout the entire activity.
◎DO NOT bring food or drinks with you.
◎Please keep your voice down
◎It is a non-smoking venue, smoke on the ground floor if you have to. Please put your cigarette into the ashtray when you finish smoking. In order not to cause any inconvenience for the neighbours and the venue provider, please keep your voice down when you chat outside the venue.
◎DO NOT bring pets with you
◎If you are interested in other people’s outlook or props, please ask for permission before touching or using them. Please maintain a friendly and respectful attitude.
◎If you feel offended, please directly refuse.
◎If staff members found out any dangerous interactions during the party, they have the right to intervene and stop further engagements.
◎If there are any illegal activities such as take drugs or assault and battery, staff members will request them to leave, and blacklist them from future activities.
◎Parties after this activity are private and we do not take responsibility whatsoever, please watch out for your own safety.
◎If it is necessary to change date due to weather or venue issues, it will be posted on the website notice board.
【The organisers are entitled to the right to reject any customer who broke the rules to the venue, please follow the rules above】
【If you have any further queries, like our official FB page: @bdsmkinkifestival, message us and we will answer them as soon as possible. 】

作者:Kinki Festival




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